G&T Cup

Competition is not always about winning is about learning, enjoying, meeting new people, getting over your abilities and making amazing and unforgettable memories. I decide to share my experience about cocktail competition with you because it’s a little bit different from others. 13. G&T CUP Bled is organized by students from vocational college for catering, wellness and tourism Bled. Speciality of competition is story. Every bartender get a song and we need to prepare cocktail and story on song (lyrics, singer, story, genre).

It was new experience for me. Writing story who impress, create tasty cocktail and become Adele for one day. I had lucky to get some awesome ideas for cocktail but it’s more complicated to prepare than i expected. Combine all tastes is just first thing who get better and better every day. Next challenge was story. I could write about this long month of preparation three day but i think, you will know what I mean, when you will read my story and see pictures.

˝Hello, my name is Kaja Sekne and I come from Vocational College for Catering, Wellness and Tourism Bled. This is my 6th competition but a totally new experience for me. I’m really happy to get this opportunity to be here. As I said, I come from Bled which is one of the most beautiful and remarkable places in our small Slovenia, The amazing, fairy-tale lake with an island in the middle is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Anyway, let’s start with my story. I have made a cocktail to Set fire to the rain by very talented British singer Adele. When you first look at her, she gentle like a rose but still strong like  thorns. The story of the  song touched me more than I had expected. She´s saying that it’s hard to let people go, and I have experienced this. The song is about  her disappointment with a e man, but she´s still falling for him. The glass reminds me of a body and how  someone is sitting at  the bottom of our soul. Her heart was wounded by the man but she is still going strong. Grande apple reminds me of fire and the rain it´s bitterness represents her eternal feelings. The lime in the cocktail shows  fresh and sour feelings  she has. Vodka is  perfect combination with Adele. Beautiful and gentle when you look at it but when you taste it you recognize the real power. Going back to the story of her song, when I   think about the decoration, I remember the sun. After every rainy day comes the sun. The cocktail is called Adelina. I have chosen this name because it’s time for a new beginning, she needs to forget about his dishonest game. She sings so calmly – she probably knows that good things will  come soon. Life is like a cocktail, a mixture of sour, bitter and sweet, but only together they are perfect. I think everyone needs to enjoy life as much as I enjoyed  preparing this cocktail. No matter if I talk about the cocktail or she sings about a boy, I see every note in this cocktail and hear the melody when I taste it.

Thank you very much for listening to my story and I hope you will enjoy  the  harmony of tastes and music . I want to finish in Adel’s style ˝let it burn˝.



I didn’t win this competition but I’m proud of my work. Cocktail got the biggest points of all cocktails. That’s enough for me to know that i’m going the right way. Telling story in english language with microphone in hands are over my limits and i’m proud to see how far i can go.

Life is like a cocktail, a mixture of sour, bitter and sweet, but only together they are perfect.

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