It’s never so good that could not be even better.

One day someone asked me »how can you be so calm, you always have so positive mind and know you can do this, you never stop trying and you always do amazing job, you are awesome…« IMG_0585i didn’t know what to say. I start thinking about this words. I start thinking about all this days when i look at people and think how good it could be if i can do this one day. Days when i stop dreaming about goals and start learning, working and training. I remember days when i go to bed and thinking why i do this because i’m not good enough. I never say no because i  didn’t want to disappoint people who support me and i’m being afraid to never get this opportunity again. I cry many many nights because i think i can’t do this anymore, i see others and i know i will never be good as they are. Many people didn’t believe in me and never say a word to support my decisions. They say i will never get what i want. I push myself because i want to prove them wrong.


But no matter what i try, fail and do again and again. After all these years  i stand here and talk about my experiences on competitions. It’s not important if i’m winning a gold or been the last one its about creating yourself. It takes a years to realize that i do this for myself and not for them. Now when i’m here many people came in my life because of ways i choose in past. They see my results but they don’t know my story. I want, they can feel me for one single minute, because it’s hard to hear and see them quit and say that they can’t do this as good as i do. In one way i can’t believe to hear this, if i look back i see myself thinking this way and that’s the proof of my hard work. Happiness is when someone ask you for help, because of your experiences. Nomather if i always have positive mind I’m doing mistakes too  but i know that i will never be like other people. You need to be different and unique that’s the only reason to stand out and that’s the key for success. IMG_5474Don’t copy others write your own story, an original is always worth more than copy. We all start as a beginners the only thing we are different from each others is positive mindset, perseverance and self-confidence. You never fail you just get the lesson and when you start thinking this way, you will see progress. I like to see people who notice my results but most important is, when i see how close i am to my goals. It’s amazing to see people who do this because you inspire them and i’m thankful for all my mistakes and days when i’m not give up. I’m not where i want to be, life is full of new opportunities and i think, it’s never so good that could not be even better.IMG_0568

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  1. Oooooo končno💕😘

    Next time you’re stressed, take a step back, inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you’re here. You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself, and love others. Always remember, just keep moving forward.”

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